Ronci’s family is an old family of farmers living in this land and works among the olive trees for generations and is an integral part of this extraordinary territory.

In the 50's Nello Ronci bought a small property in the hills of Bevagna where he established his family and where he began a modest oil production.

The development took place, however, thanks to the will and tenacity of her son Marcello, that having a passion for the oil and for his land, he knew, with determination and sacrifice, acquire and establish, over the years, new olive trees and 1981 provide a new and modern oil mill.

With Marcello and his wife Annarita now working in the mill also daughters Simona degree in Agriculture, and Roberta who have decided to follow the family passion.

Oil Ronci is "Passion", the result of a deep knowledge of the territory, the wise and valuable tradition combined with modern techniques of cultivation and processing, based on the dictates of Organic Agriculture.



Azienda Agraria e Frantoio Ronci - Via Maestà Quattro chiavi, 11 06031 Bevagna PG Italy
C.F. e P.IVA 02667120543

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