Classic Oil

Olio EVO

Classic, Blend

Our Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is composed of a blend of the native olive varieties of Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino, harvested when the olives are ripe in November.

Of light fruitiness, it opens to the nose with herbaceous fragrance of ripe olives.. To the taste it is characterised by vegetable notes, with traces of artichoke. The balance and harmony between the bitter and pungent notes make it particularly pleasing. Smooth, delicate flavour.

To be used in any dish to exalt the flavour and fragrance of everyday cooking. Ideal for a wide variety of courses, it’s perfect for every cooking method including frying.


Cultivar: Moraiolo, Frantoio e Leccino
Altitude: 350 mt slm
Soil: Calcareous.
Harvesting period: Early ripening, end of October/ beginning of November.
Harvesting method: Hand picking only.
Pressing: Ecologically continuous cycle with non-filtered cold pressing within 24 hours of harvest
Fruity: light
Aspect: Excellent density, light dim
Colour: Green with hints of golden yellow.
Storage: Supplied in dark green bottles of 750 ml, 500 ml and Cans of 1, 3, 5 lt

To maintain the sensorial and nutritional properties of our oil at length: close the container well after each use, use bottles made of dark glass or food-safe tins and store the product below 20° C (the best range is between 12 and 18° C)