Hand Lotions

crema mani olio di oliva ronci

Hand Lotions

The effectiveness of natural active ingredients comes to the aid of your hands.
This light, rapidly absorbed emulsion creates a fine protective film without leaving an oily residue.

Its formula, extensively tested and enriched with Ronci Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, propolis and vitamin E, helps prevent the unpleasant sensation of dry skin, keeping the skin of your hands soft and compact at length. It helps prevent redness and chapping.

It protects your hands from atmospheric agents and the effects of time, fostering proper hydration of the skin and cellular regeneration. Even the most fragile and ruined fingernails will benefit from the richness of the preparation, becoming beautiful, smooth and strong again in very little time.

Functional substances: Organic extra virgin olive oil, unsaponifiable olive oil elements, sugar maple extract, propolis, organic virgin beeswax, allantoin, Vitamin E acetate, lavender oil
Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of product to hands and massage towards wrists, bringing the lotion outward with your thumbs
Recommendations: During the cold periods of the year, for those prone to chilblains (chapped hands), the product can be used in nightly compresses. Apply the product and wear a pair of readily-available cotton gloves. The consequent increase in temperature facilitates absorption of all the active ingredients useful for protecting and hydrating your hands.
Packaging: 5 ml or 50 ml jars.