Organic Blend Oil

Olio biologico Ronci Bevagna

Organic, Blend

Our Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is composed of a blend of the native olive varieties of Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. The character and quality of this extra virgin oil are the product of a healthy and vital land which, together with particular climatic characteristics, form the correct basis for organic cultivation in full respect of the environment.

The harvest begins in mid-October and is completed in 10/15 days, respecting the proper stage of ripening which varies according to the variety of olive tree. The result is a fragrant, extremely versatile oil, the right compromise between attention to detail and practicality.

Of medium-intense fruitiness, it presents pleasant notes of almond scent with hints of wild herbs, artichoke and chicory. To the taste it is perfectly coherent, with a pungent entry followed by decidedly bitter notes that are nonetheless very harmonious and pleasant. Complex, balanced, persistent.

Recommended for those who appreciate a balance of the fresher aromas and flavours. It’s suited for enhancing pureed soups, vegetable soups and mixed herb salads, and to flavour both meat and fish dishes. Great versatility, to be used well-rounded.


Cultivar: Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino
Altitude: 350 mt slm
Soil: Calcareous
Harvesting Period: Early ripening, end of October
Harvesting Method: Hand picking only
Harvesting Pressing: Ecologically continuous cycle with non-filtered cold pressing within 8 hours of harvest
Certification: Biological
Fruity: Middle / Intense
Aspect: Excellent density, light dim.
Colour: Green with hints of golden yellow
Storage: Supplied in dark green bottles of 500 ml and 250 ml and Cans of 3 and 5 lt

To maintain the sensorial and nutritional properties of our oil at length: close the container well after each use, use bottles made of dark glass or food-safe tins and store the product below 20° C (the best range is between 12 and 18° C)