Organic Moraiolo Oil

Olio evo monocultivar moraiolo Ronci

Organic, 100% Monocultivar Moraiolo

This organic extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives of the excellent, ancient, autochthonous Umbrian Moraiolo variety.

Rich in its strong sensorial and territorial identity, it is characterised by its consistent content of polyphenols, components invaluable for our well-being. Of intense fruitiness, with an elegant entry and fresh, green aroma, cadenced by vegetal notes. To the taste, the intensely vegetal characteristics come to the fore over the bitter base and are marked by a compelling piquant tone of great depth and duration.

Recommended for robust palates and for those who appreciate strong flavours. Excellent on dishes of medium and large structure: structured first courses, legume soups and potages, grilled red meat and naturally, in all its purity, on bruschetta (toasted bread).


Cultivar: 100% Moraiolo
Altitude: 350 mt slm
Soil: Calcareous
Harvesting Period: End of October / beginning of Novembre
Harvesting Method: Hand picking only
Harvesting Pressing: Ecologically continuous cycle with non-filtered cold pressing within 8 hours of harvest
Certification: Biologic
Fruity: Intense
Aspect: Clear, afternatural separation
Colour: Deep, dark green
Storage: Supplied in dark green bottles of 500 ml

To maintain the sensorial and nutritional properties of our oil at length: close the container well after each use, use bottles made of dark glass or food-safe tins and store the product below 20° C (the best range is between 12 and 18° C)