Miele Umbro di Bevagna Ronci


Natural product par excellence, honey is a unique nourishment, with strong energetic power. Its combination of glucose and fructose, together with organic acids, minerals, enzymes and other substances present in nature, make it an ideal “food” for the whole family. Thanks to its readily available energy, it is recommended for those who must face particular physical or mental exertion. Invaluable in moments when blood sugar levels drop, which can happen far from meals or in the case of physical weakness due to illness, stress, age, the prolonged use of antibiotics or pharmaceuticals.


The main components of honey are: water, sugars (fructose, glucose, maltose), acids (gluconic, citric, malic, succinic, acetic, formic, lactic, butyric, pyroglutamine, amino acids), proteins, mineral salts (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulphates, phosphates, etc.), pigments (carotene, chlorophyll, chlorophyll derivatives), flowers and flower aromas (esters, aldehydes, alcohol), tannin, enzymes (invertase, diastase), phosphates and vitamins.

Honey has a special action on:

Respiratory tract: soothing action of cough

Digestive system: protective action and improvement of digestion and absorption of mineral salts

Urinary system: diuretic and protective action

Muscular system: increase in power and endurance


Colour: light to amber
Taste: delicate, sweet
Aroma: fragrant
Crystallisation: fast, fine, at times compact
Provenance: Harvested in the hills above Bevagna in July and August. Contains dozens of nectars from different flowers